Communication Law Review

About Us

Dr. Gregg Phifer

On April 7, 1983, Florida State University Professor Dr. Phifer appointed Dr. Stephen A. Smith of the University of Arkansas to develop a publication to address current free expression issues and events. 

The Original Print Edition

Dr. Stephen A. Smith

Dr. Smith envisioned a publication that would include articles, book reviews, updates on local and national court cases/legislation, and other legal and extralegal actions. He believed the publication should be free and available to all. In 2004, he charged Dr Dewberry with reviving the journal online.

Previous Editors 

Dr. David R. Dewberry

Rider University


Dr. Rebekah Fox 

Texas State University, San Marcos


Dr. Katie Langford

Texas Tech University


Dr. Pat Arneson 

Duquesne University


Dr. Pamela L. Morris

Indiana University Columbus


Dr. M. Elizabeth Thorpe

SUNY Brockport