Communication Law Review

From the Editor

Welcome to the readers of Volume 22 of Communication Law Review

First, I want to express my thanks to the outgoing editor, Dr. Pat Arneson, who served this journal for many years and is now enjoying retirement. I am pleased to have received mentorship from Pat, and to be asked to be the incoming editor. I look forward to serving the goals of this journal for the next few years.

Also, appreciation to Dr. Dave Dewberry, who continues on as our webmaster, and to Hana Salas, who is providing copyediting for our articles. 

This issue of four articles is about legal forms of expression – through demonstrations (or riots), symbols (flags), compelled speech doctrine, and legislation to control speech on social media. Speech and expression continue to challenge legal institutions as society pushes at cultural norms and legal precedent which often fail to account for new forms of expression. In particular, the divisiveness in politics and society in the United States has caused close examination of the rights of free expression. It is important for scholars to examine these issues through the lens of communication, and to provide insight for other scholars as well as practitioners of law. I hope you find these articles as informative and compelling as I have.

Please encourage others to read, cite, and submit for Communication Law Review. I am pleased to announce that I plan to put out TWO issues in 2023, as I already have a handful of good prospects in hand. 


Pamela L. Morris is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Indiana University-Purdue University at Columbus. 

She specializes in media studies and new media. She received her Ph.D. in Communication from Purdue University. 

Prior to seeking that degree, Dr. Morris studied computer science and worked at IBM for 12 years as a programmer and project manager. 

Her primary research interests are media law, technology adoption, and uses and effects of technology on communication processes. 

She particularly enjoys teaching and is passionate about media literacy education and making students good digital citizens.